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New Voices
Surf, Eddy, Surf (Joachim Streit), 24.06.2017

Florian Hansmann & New Voices Band
The angles listened in (The Crests), 24.06.2017

Marina Borutta & New Voices Band
Hide (Little May), 24.06.2017

Natalie Slawik & New Voices Band
Schön genug (Lina Maly), 24.06.2017

Nele Mohr & New Voices Band
Chocolate Jesus (Tom Waits), 24.06.2017

New Voices
Goodnight sweetheart (J. Hudson, C. Carter), 24.06.2017

Lisa Schreiter & Arne Reuter
"9 Crimes", 12.11.2011

Anne Mohr & New Voices Band
"White Rabbit", 27.8.2011

"Crawling up a hill", New Voices 2009

Simone Klück & Jonas Hamm
"Out here on my own", New Voices 2009

Sarah Markulin & New Voices Band
"Slow, slow (Run Run)", 23.09.2011

Nicole Slawik & Dominik Beseler
"Crying in the rain", 23.09.2011

Janine Lippert & New Voices Band
"Soulmate", 27.08.2011